I know that at our annual church business meeting Jan 19th, Pastor Norm will give a detailed report of all the events we had in 2019, but I would like to say a few words regarding our activities during the past year.

Since March 4th 2018 when Lynne and I became interim senior pastor couple here at Gospel Chapel, we have envisioned and endeavoured to promote five goals that we can all achieve together in our wonderful little church here in La Broquerie.

Thru all our gatherings and special events, we wanted to see growth in these 5 qualities.
1- Fellowship – loving one another actively every time we meet!
2- Hearing the Word of God – preached by several preachers and teachers, as it is, without any constraint!
3- Prayer – for individual needs and the whole church, done in the open and also in the secret place! God hears you, keep praying!
4- Sharing the Gospel, the Good News – to our families, neighbours and our communities!
5- Power of God – believing and seeing that God can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Phil 4:13

Especially in 2019, since I became senior pastor in February, I have felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to warn and prepare everyone that difficult times were coming and that we should prepare ourselves and gather together more and more, especially as we see the day of Christ’s return approaching. Hebrews 10:24-25 Jesus is coming!

I pray for each one of us to receive wisdom from on high, for the day’s we live in are truly becoming more evil and we need to stand together against the enemies of Christ and of our souls! I want to invite you to join together and commit to the five part vision God has given to us to accomplish with His strength and His anointing! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Phil 4:13

My commitment to you as a pastor and God’s vision is only increasing and I hope you will join us to see God work signs and wonders in our midst throughout 2020!

May Jesus bless you all!

Pastor Ernie