Over two years ago, my wife and I had the pleasure of seeing the live play called Solitary Refinement in a community near by, that evening my wife and I vowed that we would bring this play to La Broquerie so that many could enjoy this professionally presented stage play. So on Saturday March 21st at 7 pm sharp, the curtain will rise at Gospel Chapel to anyone who wants to come! I hope to pack the church with all who want to feel , through a wonderfully acted stage performance, the emotions and pain that tens of thousands of Christians in over 50 countries feel, on a daily basis, as they are persecuted for Christ !
I am convinced that you will see persecution in a new light once you have witnessed this presentation. It is recommended for 13+ but I believe 10 year old’s with good parental preparation can benefit from it’s impact. Please invite family and friends to a night that you will not forget, come early as seats will be limited!

Pastor Ernie Frechette