Gospel Chapel Service Times

Sunday 10:30 am
Children's Church (ages 1-10) during Service

Children's Church

Children’s Church, for ages 1 to 10, is all about bringing Jesus to the kids on a level they can understand. We start our mornings off with praise and worship, singing songs the kids know and love. Hardly a Sunday goes by where Jesus Loves Me isn’t sung! We break into groups according to age and proceed to our classrooms. Here we illustrate a Bible story to teach the kids God’s ways and how to apply them to our lives using activity pages and doing crafts.

No program can be run without a dedicated team of volunteers. Praise God for our many volunteers! These are men, women and teenagers that attend Gospel Chapel. Each Sunday has a different group of workers. This allows the teachers and helpers to stay plugged in, learning and growing, while serving as well.

Something I love doing is putting programs together for special events such as Easter and Christmas. The kids learn portions of scripture and, with songs, bring a message to their family and friends. This helps the kids memorize God’s word and, through that, store it in their hearts. When we have a Sunday when a program is being presented, it’s one big party for us! We play games and make crafts. This also applies to our end of the year Wind-Up which is at the end of May.

These little ones are a precious gift that are worth investing in!

Mathilde Klassen
Children’s Church Coordinator

For more information, please contact:
Church Office: 1 (204) 424-5796

Matilda Klassen - CMA - Gospel Chapel