Gospel Chapel Service Times

Sunday 10:30 am
Children's Church (ages 1-10) during Service

Praise & Worship

"To worship is man’s highest glory. He was created for fellowship with God: of that fellowship worship is the sublimest expression. All the exercises of the religious life—meditation and prayer, love and faith, surrender and obedience—culminate in worship. Recognizing what God is in His holiness, His glory and His love, realizing what I am as a sinful creature and as the Father’s redeemed child, in worship I gather up my whole being and present myself to my God. I offer Him the adoration and the glory which is His due. The truest, fullest and nearest approach to God is worship."

- Excerpt from the book "The Spirit of Christ" by Andrew Murray

Our worship time at Gospel Chapel consists of singing, praying and prophesying in song to the Lord and to each other. Our songs are a rich blend of traditional and contemporary music styles.

We have three different teams which take turns leading on Sunday mornings.

Moses Waldner
Praise and Worship Coordinator

Moses Waldner - CMA - Gospel Chapel