Gospel Outreach Ministries was formed by our founder Pastor Peter Broesky, who went to be with the Lord Jan 20th, 2016 and will be sadly missed. Gospel Outreach was formed as the "mission arm" of Christian Ministries Association. The primary purpose of this division is to oversee all of Christian Ministries' foreign missions including some Canadian missions as well. The primary activities of GOM thus far have been in the area of evangelism, church planting and teaching leadership. These activities have taken GOM to countries like:

Germany                                      Ukraine

For over 10 years now, Gospel Outreach has been very involved in Cuba, doing yearly on site teaching seminars and providing much needed funds to support over 100 pastors and missionaries and their families all across Cuba! I have traveled their nine times now and every time I go I am amazed at the Cuban peoples' resilience in this difficult country. With very little to make life easier for them they don't seem to complain. They love their people and they love Jesus Christ with all their heart, soul and might! Just experiencing a church service is something to behold, from young to old, they worship with all their might and I am sure God is well pleased! We are committed to continue our work there for many years and are very thankful for all your prayers and support. Without you these brothers and sisters could not do what they do full time, as they would then have to get a government sponsored day job to supply their families needs. We are now working closely with the new president , the past vice president Pastor Luis Tornes and 4 other board members of Christocentro. Pastors: Alexis Gonzales, Dagoberto Gonzales, Cesar Manuel and Roberto Reinaldo. These men report quickly and monthly what each dollar of support was used for before we send the next months' support. We are thankful for each of you involved with us to bless and to multiply the work in Cuba thru many wonderful Christians. May we together continue this awesome ministry by praying for them and their leaders, but also by supplying funds as the Lord directs you. Please send your checks to Gospel Outreach, in memo line mark Cuba ministry and send to Gospel Outreach Ministries  2 Rosewood Place, Steinbach, Manitoba,Canada, R5G 0H6

Pastor Ernest Frechette
Missions Director for Christian Ministries

Pastor Peter Broesky - CMA - Gospel Outreach
Pastor Ernest Frechette - CMA - Director Gospel Outreach